Photography ©Cie AIFa

Comme un symbole

Artist : Alexandre Fandard
Year : 2022, France/ Dance
Venue : Lido Connect / NOV 9 at 19:30 (Double Bill)

Alexandre Fandard takes on the image of a young man from the urban margins; his postures and the fear he arouses. In turn barbaric, riffraff, potential terrorist and eternal stranger, the “youth from the suburbs” is often a masculine figure, despised, adulated, sacrificed or eroticised.

Alexandre Fandard’s creations as a visual artist and choreographer never remain fixated in one form and bring to the stage all these rock-solid archetypes. In this new research in solo, he rehabilitates the youth from the suburbs as a symbol. The dancer wears the French flat on his jacket and uses this symbol as an attempt to redeem this figure, while transforming himself into a national product in its own right.

Choreography, Dance, Sound Design: Alexandre Fandard
Light Design: Chloé Sellier
Production: Compagnie Al-Fa
Coproductions: Centquatre- Paris / L’Étoile du Nord / La Passerelle, scène nationale de St-Brieuc / La Briqueterie – CDCN / L’Espace 1789 / Aerowaves 2022 / La Villette / CDCN Les Hivernales / DANSES À TOUS LES ÉTAGES – TREMPLIN / SEPT CENT QUATRE VINGT TROIS / Cie 29×27 Festival Hip Opsession / Pick Up production Karukera Ballet
Supports: Théâtre de Vanves / Festival TRENTE TRENTE / Festival Fabbrica Europa Collectif 12 / Festival Masdanza

This tour made possible with cooperation and support from Ambassade de France en Thaïlande