Photography ©Christian Hüller ©Heimatfilm


Director: Nicolette Krebitz
Starring: Lilith Stangenberg, Georg Friedrich, Nelson
Year : 2016, Germany / Drama
Venue : Jim Thompson Art Center, Nov 19 at 15:00
Length: 97 min.

Anias‘ tedious lifestyle takes a turn in a way she had never imagined when she has an odd encounter with a wild wolf. She feels strongly attracted to the animal and can’t stop thinking about it. Gradually, she tries to get closer to the wolf and eventually manages to capture it and take it back to her apartment. Life with the wolf becomes increasingly intense and intimate, which is reflected in the emergence of an animalistic side to Anias’ behaviour. She begins to let her instincts and sexual desires run free and gradually loses all contact and compliancy to society. Her neglected but self-confident appearance seems to both attract and repel the people round about her.