The best VDO will be awarded a 10,000 baht prize.

Self-Taught and Experimental inside the Museum

There are various ways and approaches to leaning.
Some artists are self-taught while some are professionally trained.

Autodidacticism or self-education is education without the guidance of masters or institutions. It refers to one’s singular desire to learn exactly what they are interested in or wish to acquire and do so at their own tempo, speed and inspiration. Where as instructed leaning or supervised leaning refers to the monetary ability to seek guidance at a pace, tempo that someone else determines.

During the festival, the Jim Thompson Museum will be turned into a playground open for self discovery. The chairs from Victor Černicky’s ‘PLI’ will be left in the space and all is invited to play, experiment and discover at your own imagination, rhythm and style. Similarly, the gigantic screen showing Hiroaki Umeda’s famous ‘MOLD 1’ will run in loops. Passerby can dance, pose, create and interact with it throughout the festival. This is a rare chance for Thai audience to be part of the festival by submerging themselves into the art instead of just being an inactive spectator.

We invite you to play with these installations and discover your hidden talent. Film your creations and submit them by hashtag #unfoldingkafkafestival.