What is Unfolding Kafka Festival?

What is Unfolding Kafka Festival?

Unfolding Kafka Festival is a biennial event to provide a platform for outstanding artistic trends in the field of contemporary art in Thailand. The persistent fascination for Kafka’s style and for his mysterious characters reveals and provides us with room for interpretation. In a natural and rational way, Kafka combines obscure and surreal scenarios with the real world, a motif which today is used in a variety of literary and cinematic formats. But, we intend to challenge our Thai audience to explore other interpretations of Kafka’s works through visual and conceptual art.

“Abstract and conceptual art are not there to confuse us, but rather to give us freedom for interpretation and make us think.”

Thus, our programme, which gives birth to important cross-cultural and cross-discipline collaborations, definitely conducts creative exchanges with arts communities.

The Festival poses the question of how choreography, physical movements, installations, sculpture and visual art interact and facilitate a translation from one to the other. Conceived as a multidisciplinary approach, the festival focused on the relationship between material and choreographic design, perception and literature interpretation, folding and unfolding design of inner and outer space of the human body, interaction and participation between different medium.

Unfolding Kafka Festival has been made possible thanks to the generosity of our cooperation partners: the Goethe-Institut Thailand, the Japan Foundation, Ambassade de France en Thaïlande, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, The Embassy Of Israel Thailand, World Performances @ Drama Chula and 18 Monkeys Dance theatre.

Cicadas picture (header): the Silence of Insect 2015 by Yoko Seyama
Photography (3 in the middle) by Jitti Chompee
Photography (the bottom) by Juan Carlos Toledo