Local Participation and Workshop

by Jonas&Lander

Venue: HostbkkNov 8 at 18:00-21:00Nov 9 at 13:00-16:00

The final scene of the show includes the participation of local volunteers.

The group will be asked to perform everyday activities on stage, such as talking on the phone, drinking tea in their pyjamas, vacuuming, walking the dog, rollerblading, etc. The idea is to recreate a piece of life by filling the stage with a chaotic atmosphere. The preparation for this contribution is done through a movement workshop guided by Lander Patrick and Jonas Lopes, through which techniques, tools and processes used by the performers throughout the creation process are experimented with.

With the intention of creating a work group that operates under the principles that have governed the work of Jonas&Lander, in this workshop we will sharpen the rhythmic sense of the participants, seeing dance as a musical manoeuvre.

In this workshop, the body is worked on as a musical instrument and in collective exercises, sound composition structures will be formed that will also work as dialogue fields.
We will close our eyes and amplify our sound sensitivity. We will hear the sound before the word. We will sweat a lot.

Target participants: Group as heterogeneous as possible in age, gender, occupa4on, ethnicity.
Previous experience is required, although amateur dancers and actors are welcome. Duration of workshop: 2 sessions of 3h each

Participation: 1h30 for dress rehearsal + performance. Participants should bring comfortable clothes.