Photography ©Mariana Lopes

Cascas d'OvO

Artist : Jonas&Lander
Year : 2012, Portugal/ Dance
Venue : Lido Connect / NOV 10 at 19:30 (Double Bill)

Cascas d’OvO was born from the need to explore a telepathic, superhuman communication as the maximum exponent of a couple’s relational connection.

Cascas d’OvO offers the experience of a new dimension of dialogue, where social rela;onships and their forms of expression are reconsidered: the theater as a microcosm of society that submerges the audience in silence and in the music of bodies communicating.

The show was distinguished as Priority Company 2014 by the European network Aerowaves.

Concept and choreography: Jonas&Lander
Performed by: Jonas Lopes and Lander Patrick
Light design: Lander Patrick and Rui Daniel
Light operation: Rui Braga
Production House: Associação Cultural Sinistra
Head of Production: Patrícia Soares
Production and International Booking: Inês Le Gué
Production: Gabriel Lapas

Internationalization support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Co-production: Festival Materiais Diversos

Support to the presentations in Bangkok: Embassy of Portugal in Bangkok / Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language