Red Peter (creation 2016)

Collaboration by 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre and Yoko Seyama

“That, too, is human freedom […], self-controlled movement. What a mockery of mother nature! At such a sight, no structure would stand up to the laughter of the apes.”

Jitti Chompee is captivated by Franz Kafka’s Ein Bericht für eine Akademie, in which the protagonist Red Peter describes his loss of true freedom in the midst of gaining acceptance and recognition in the human world. Animalism, absurdity, and evolution are corresponding concepts that prevail in both Chompee’s and Kafka’s works. Red Peter draws from many elements of the ape’s journey of learning to behave like a human.

Red Peter is a coproduction between 18 Monkeys Dance Theatre and Korzo producties and is made possible by the support of the Kylián Foundation.

Photography by Jitti Chompee

Date and time
8-9 November, 7.30 – 8.30 p.m.

Tickets are available at the venue, payable by cash.  (9 Nov Sold Out) or

Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Direction, Choreography, Costume: Jitti Chompee
Artist: Anucha Sumaman, Benjamin Tardif and Krittin Kiatmetha
Light installation design: Yoko Seyama