Saiyah #2.3 (creation 2017)

Installation by Yoko Seyama

FOLDING and [UN]FOLDING LIGHTS in the empty space.

The white light is splitting into two colors. When it is projected on a spectral glass plate, it transmits only a specific color frequency spectrum. At the same time, the glass plate reflects the remaining color frequency spectrum. While the four glass plates are turning, the relation between the transmitted color and the reflected color changes. Several color compositions keep evolving by remixing the divided light source and create a live color performance of FOLDING & [UN]FOLDING LIGHTS in the empty space.

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Photography by Yoko Seyama ©

Date and time
Exhibition 24-25 November, from 7.00  p.m.

MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang Mai

Tickets for the exhibition are available at the venue, payable by cash.

Or reservation in advance at

Yoko Seyama