Double Bill of Director’s Pick

Jitti Chompee, the festival director, selected two talented artists for a special double bill programme. The dance installation by Roni Chadash, who [un]folds her limbs, impresses by her peculiar physicality and reminds Jitti of some odd animal in his Kafka’s zoo.

The second performance by Benoit Couchot, who Jitti noticed at his workshop given at Codarts School in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is a very personal creation. Benoit embodies, through his movements in a minimalist setting, the fluidity of gender identity. Jitti was shocked by Benoit’s drastic transformation from the workshop to, 2 weeks later, a competition stage. This young dancer’s potential is obvious and recognized since he won the Public’s First Choice Award & Public’s Final Choice Award at the Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival 2017 Stuttgart, Germany.

Both remarkable solo pieces will bring you on a journey to question what defines your own identity.

Date and time
11-12 November, 7.00 – 8.00 p.m.

Exclusive programme only for Festival Pass holders.

The Rose Hotel Bangkok

NO-Body (Creation 2015)

Dance installation by Roni Chadash

Body ?
Raw meat.
That’s it.
Innocence ?

Choreography and performance: Roni Chadash

Still from the video by Roni Chadash ©

Mutiko ala Neska (Creation 2017)

Solo dance by Benoit Couchot

Benoit, what are you? Mutiko ala Neska ? (Boy or Girl? in Basque language). The French dancer struggled with « gender boxes » at a very young age. From the inner thoughts of a younger self to the current reality; Benoit now feels the need to share some feelings and reflexions about what defines one self’s gender identity.

Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart 2017
Public’s First Choice Award & Public’s Final Choice Award

Choreography & Performance: Benoit Couchot
Artistic Director: Marcelo Santos

Photography by Hans van der Leeden ©