Message from the director of the Goethe-Institut Thailand

Once again the Goethe-Institut Thailand is proud to work in cooperation with the Unfolding Kafka Festival. The institute has been involved in many cultural projects over the years, promoting values of collaboration and exchange, whilst experiencing art first hand. However, Unfolding Kafka has proved to be a rather special and unique international contemporary festival. The presentation and staging of a variety of conceptual and moving works allows everyone to experience the multiple interpretations of Kafka. We wish to support and promote the festival and consider this the perfect opportunity to democratize Kafka’s work, making it more accessible, not only to the initiated, but to everyone.

Newcomers to the literature of Kafka may find it a little difficult to approach but the festival allows scope for interaction and cross-cultural discussions on themes and issues which are relevant to a contemporary social and political context. True to Kafka’s style, the festival explores different approaches to a variety of predicaments, offering the audience representations of visual, performing and conceptual art which leave space and opportunity for personal interpretation. In order to diversify this year’s festival programme, I decided to build in some additional informative items. These include a variety of Kafka film screenings and also a graphic exposition created at the Goethe-Institut library which serves to discover or rediscover Kafka’s work. The « signature » festival, directed by Jitti Chompee, is a platform where visual artists and performers can meet and find inspiration.

I hope that the success of the Unfolding Kafka Festival contributes to the rise of an even more dynamic and inspiring local contemporary art scene.

Maren Niemeyer
Director of Goethe-Institut Thailand