Bio-erosion (World Premiere)

Dance and Motion Qualia Workshop by Satoshi Kudo

The Japanese artist based in Sweden will present the world premiere of his latest creation Bio-erosion. The Norwegian twin sisters, Anna Einemo Froysland and Berit Einemo Froysland, explore the concept of “how one is taking over another one and live as one”. Kudo, who has created his own movement method and theory called “Motion Qualia”, lets the dancers remaining off-balance and in a constant unstable state, which requires the dancers’ mind to constantly find a solution for the continuation of the movement. The choreographer’s work finds inspiration in the emotional and physical struggles, which can remind us of Kafka’s literature where beauty emerges from his dark universe.

Photography by Piotr Korytowski and Satoshi Kudo ©

Date and time
9-10 November, 7.30 – 8.30 p.m.

Tickets are available at the venue, payable by cash.  (9 Nov Sold Out) or

Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Choreography: Satoshi Kudo
Dance: Anna Einemo Frøysland, Berit Einemo Frøysland
Lighting: Jirach Eiamsa-ard
Satoshi Kudo portrait: Piotr Korytowski
Anna Einemo Froysland and Berit Einemo Froysland photo by Satoshi Kudo

The work has been supported by The Swedish Art Grants Committee/Konstnärsnämnden.